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Accelerometer Inclinometer: NB Series

part number Frequency Response Time General Specifications:
for ordering Hz Seconds Range Resolution Sensitivity


0...7 Hz

0.3 Second






15 mV/


0...60 Hz

0.01 Second

NB3 0...7 Hz

0.3 Second



15 mV/

NB3S 0...60 Hz

0.01 Second

The NB is a static accelerometer (utilized as an inclinometer) with a high degree of accuracy for measuring small tilt angles of any object with respect to gravity.  The sensor's primary transformer consists of a capacitive spring-mass system with gas-dynamic damping.  Manufactured either with a ratiometric type analog DC or a pulse width modulated output, the integrated sensor electronics require only minimal power and are in conjunction with the capacitive primary transformer characterized by high accuracy, linearity, and long-term stability.


  • Analog DC Output

  • Single 5VDC Input

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Excellent Cross Axis Sensitivity

  • 7Hz Bandwidth, 60Hz Optional

  • -40C to +85C Temperature Range

  • Optional 125C Operation

  • Compact Size, 0.93" x 0.43"

  • Rugged Hermetic Packaging


  • Structure Alignment

  • Equipment Leveling

  • Safety Assurance and Automation Control

  • Leveling Systems

  • Medical and Scientific Devices

  • Seismic and Ground Measurements

  • Measuring Instruments and Inspection Systems

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