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Axis Diagram

Inclinometer Packages Single Axis: SB1 Series

SB1i Sensor Box

SB1i Series

4...20mA Current Output

SB1u Sensor Box

SB1U Series

0...5VDC Voltage Output


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The SB1i and SB1u provide single axis inclination or acceleration measurement in an environmentally protected housing.  The sensing package incorporates a modular design allowing the user to select the measurement range and sensor that best suits the individual application.  Both symmetrical (3g) and oblique (-15 to +70) ranges are available for tilt and acceleration measurements.  

A complete sensor package is comprised of the following: a measurement sensor; an internal regulated power supply; signal conditioning for either current or voltage outputs; active low pass filtering for high frequency noise suppression. The filter's upper frequency and time constant can be customized to suit a wide range of requirements.

For additional functionality, two adjustable open collector outputs have been added to the 0 to 5 V output version (SB1U) to form a bi-directional, single axis tilt or acceleration switch - Model SB1S.  Connecting these outputs to LED's, lamps, or buzzers can provide a convenient method to warn operators of unsafe or over-range conditions.


  • Inclination: 4 to 80

  • Acceleration: 1g to 10g

  • -40C to +85C Operating Temperature

  • IP65 to IP67 Protection

  • Single 8V...30VDC Input (SB1U, SB1S)

  • Single 10V...30VDC Input (SB1i)

  • 0...5VDC Output (SB1U, SB1S)

  • 4...20mA Output (SB1i)

  • Non-symmetrical Measurement Ranges


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