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Line Array Alignment Remote Angle Display Flex Series


The RAD is a portable remote angle display monitoring system for line array alignment, capable of coordinating multiple sensors from one LCD reader.


The (RAD) Remote Angle Display System is a precision instrument designed for the Pro Sound Engineer to accurately position line array speaker stacks allowing the engineer on the ground to safely and quickly establish optimum position of the PA system being flown, regardless of height.

Available as a single line LCD (RAS) reading one sensor at a time or a dual line LCD (RAD), which reads two sensors simultaneously. Multiple sensors can be used interchangeably with one display box to coordinate multiple stacks.

The RAD system has two sensor options:  Flex Series H4360-AV and H6

For maximum flexibility, the remote sensor options can be permanently installed onto various bumpers or rigs, while maintaining a smaller number of readers on the shelf - no more worrying about cross compatibility issues, especially when setting up multiple venues.  

Customer specified angle range scaling available. For example, a typical V-DOSC configuration would have a sensor scaled to read +50 to -90.

If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact us today with your requirements.  One of our application experts will be happy to speak with you.


  • Hand Held LCD Display

  • Rugged Aluminum Housing

  • Single or Dual Line LCD

  • Angle Displayed in Degrees

  • 0.1 LCD Resolution

  • XLR Cord Plug Connectors

  • Battery Powered

  • ON/OFF Switch

  • Low Battery Warning

  • Relative Zero Function

  • Min/Max Angle Function

Semi-Custom Options

  • Customer Specified Ranges

  • Relative Difference Function

  • Remote Sensor Choice


  • Sound System Remote Alignment

  • Line Array/Speaker Positioning/Installation

  • Remote Platform Leveling


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