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XB Inclinometers: Submersible to 100 Meters Extreme Environment



  • Heavy-duty stainless steel housing alternative to the Aluminum SB housing

  • Seawater resistant - rated V4A

  • Pressure resistant - 10 bar (1Mpa), 100m WG

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Single or dual axis

  • 0-5V or 4-20mA outputs

  • Inclination: 4 to 80

  • Acceleration: 1g to 10g

  • 8-30VDC Supply Voltage

  • -40C to +85C Operating Temperature

  • IP67 to IP68 Protection

  • Rigid 4 point attachment of 3.2mm base circuit board

  • Sensor and sensor electronics are galvanically isolated from housing

XB with PG9 Liquid Tight Cable Gland

XB with SubConn Underwater Quick-Disconnect


The XB is a pressure, seawater, and corrosion resistant stainless steel sensor enclosure that is perfect for extreme environment protection and underwater use.

Available as a single or dual inclinometer package, the XB offers a housing option to the SB Aluminum housing sensor packages. Sensor specifications and outputs are exactly the same as with the SB sensor packages.

Power input and sensor output would be provided by a cable (optional) that attaches via a liquid tight cable grip fitting (PG9 VA) or an underwater quick-disconnect patch cord. The SubConn Underwater connector adds flexibility to the sealed environment.


The XB can be used in any extremely rough environment where exact inclination or acceleration measurements must be obtained in aggressive media or below sea level under pressure load.

Typically used for platform leveling or boom angle monitoring of off shore drilling platforms, construction and mining equipment, as well as sea going vessels. It is particularly suited for offshore applications where the use of an underwater patch cord allows sensor connection underwater.


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