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Celebrating our 98th Year as a Worldwide Leading Manufacturer of

Tilt & Acceleration Sensing Solutions.

New Products 

H6 - FLEX Series

All-weather Accuracy

Dual Axis Inclinometer

4-20mA, RS485, CAN



All-weather 360º Inclinometer

Single Axis Inclinometer

4-20mA, RS485


CARS™ Curve Advisory Reporting Service

Turnkey Solutions by

In-State Authorized Transportation Engineering Firms



Industries Serviced 

Agriculture, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Construction, Boring-Drilling, Government, Marine, Military, Mining, Sound Reinforcement, Transportation.

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- Accelerometers

- Backlit Mechanical Inclinometers

- Circular Bubble Levels Precise Bulls Eye

- Tilt Angle Ranges up to 360°

- Electronic Output Types:

  >Analog Voltage: 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC

  >Analog Current: 4-20mA

  >Digital: RS232, RS485, LCD Display

  >Switch and Relay

- Environment Ratings: IP65 to IP68, Nema 4

- CSA Intrinsic Safe Inclinometer

- Servo High Accuracy Inclinometer

- Mechanical Clinometers

- FAA Certified Indicators for Aircraft

- MIL Spec Fabrication

Products by Applications

Aircraft Attitude and Slip,  Crane Boom Angle, Grading, Pitch-Roll, Platform-Leveling, Roadway Curve Ball-Banking, Rollover Early-Warning


Inclinometer Definition

An inclinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope and inclination of an object with respect to its gravity by creating an artificial horizon. It is also known as an angle indicator, bubble level, clinometer, gradiometer, level gauge, digital protractor, slope meter, and tilt sensor.

Inclinómetro, Inklinationskompaß, 磁倾仪, hellingmeter, inclinomètre, 경사계, уклономер