Rieker Total Solutions

As the leading manufacturer of inclinometers since 1917 Rieker was able to use its expertise in safety to venture out into the field of software as service. By using the accuracy and reliability of our inclinometers we created Rieker’s Total Solutions. Our solutions simplify the process for any application and bring a ruggedness that helps ensure that everybody goes home safe. Scroll down to learn more about each of our Total Solutions. 

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Advanced Data Acquisition & Measurement

ADAM is a total solution to inspecting curb ramp compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. Using a combination of inclinometers, computer vision techniques, and photogrammetry, ADAM offers consistently accurate readings of curb ramps within 0.1” and generates an Infrastructure Model for redesign; bringing the site to you.

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Curve advisory reporting service

A Total Solution to accurate curve speed advisory signage, Rieker’s CARS allows the user to create safer roadways by simply driving. CARS automates the process by helping states adhere to MUTCD guidelines for safe curve speeds thereby aiding in the fulfillment of their 0 death initiatives.

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