Our Principles


At Rieker, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our core values. Having diverse employees, business partners, and relationship are vital for creating advanced instrumentation for our diverse customers around the world.

Rieker’s commitment to diversity means providing a welcoming and respectful environment with opportunities for personal and professional development. This in turn increases innovation, quality, and productivity.


At Rieker our goal for employee safety is as clear and simple as our safety program motto: “Everyone Goes Home Safe”. We are focused at creating a culture of safety by following our four principals of safety:

  • Attitudes – Make safety a value and a habit.
  • Awareness – Be aware of the potential for injury, recognize hazardous conditions and acts.
  • Action – Always wear your personal protection equipment (PPE) and engage in good housekeeping habits.
  • Accountability – We are personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for the safety of each other.

Safety training is a part of every employee’s career path here at Rieker. Safety training begins with our on boarding process which every new employee goes through. Our safety committee proudly consists of both management and employees who meet regularly and are dedicated to protecting our workers, ensuring that everyone goes home safe!


Here at Rieker, Inc. we are committed to preserving our environment and building a more sustainable future for our planet by reducing our manufacturing footprint in several key ways. One of the ways we are dedicated to reducing out footprint is by constantly reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals involved in our manufacturing process. This is evident on many fronts: using lead-free solder and no-clean flux for our soldering process, welding plastics with environmentally friendly ultrasonic equipment and lasers, and processing raw materials with a complex system of clean water and ultrasonic cleaning.

These processes allow us to protect our employees as well as the environment by eliminating the need to store and handle hazardous and noxious chemicals. In addition to having reduced our chemical footprint in manufacturing, we have switched to a paperless documentation system. Any paper that is used is also recycled company wide. At Rieker, we are committed to generating less waste and disposal of hazardous chemicals which would otherwise be destined for our landfills. It is our mission to look after the wellbeing of our employees and our planet.