ADA Curb Ramp Compliance Solution

Capture comprehensive 3D digital models of curb ramps and surrounding areas to easily Analyze, Evaluate and Report ADA curb ramp compliance. Includes Job Management tools, Mapping, Archiving, and Engineering (re)Design Assets.

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ADvanced Data Acquisition & Measurement

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ADA Measurement - ADAM

Your Total Solution toward ADA curb ramp compliance. ADAM captures 3D digital infrastructure models enabling efficient and effective Reporting, Analysis, Management, and (re)Design.

Feature rich

Competitively priced offering exceptional value.

A world-class solution that is easy to use and packed with capability.

Combining Rieker’s proven inclinometer technology, expertise in computer vision techniques, and web-based analysis and job management tools, ADAM is an ADA curb ramp Compliance Solution that is feature rich and realizes exceptional value.

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Custom ADA Compliance Reports

ADAM is an efficient and effective ADA curb ramp compliance solution that enables digital capture, reports, analysis, and management of ADA infrastructure through its combination of hardware and web-based software having intuitive design and user interfaces.

Integrates with State specific curb ramp inspection forms including custom measurements.

Readily populate State ADA curb ramp compliance reports with consistent, reliable, and accurate data.

Custom State Curb Ramp Inspection form showing elevation at gutter seam too high

Model Analysis

Use the Model Analysis Tool to analyze the 3D digital infrastructure model to view and assess site condition, ADA curb ramp compliance, obstacles, and technical infeasibilities.

Results are National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and accurate to 0.1” (0.254cm).

Bring the site to you. No wasting money and time revisiting sites.

Save model views with all selected points of measurement enabling sharing with 3rd party stakeholders, archiving, and forensic documentation and review.

Curb Ramp model analysis

Model Analysis Tool

Online portal-based analysis and assessment

Curb ramp measurement guide

Sample Measurement Guide

Get all these needed measurements on the 3D digital model

Curb ramp elevations

Reliable and accurate measurements

Varying elevations shown along the transition

Curb ramp gutter seam failure

Bad news, it failed.  Good news, you know!

Gain confidence having complete and accurate data that is consistent, repeatable and NIST traceable.

Job Management

Online Job Management tools to effectively organize, schedule, view, monitor, and download files for use in 3rd party software.

Gain insight, oversight, and easily retrieve, export, and archive inspection records.

Monitor your progress toward ADA curb ramp compliance
Job inspection site map

Inspection Locations

Filter and view by Job or Groupings

Job progress chart

Job Progress

At a glance status views

Design and Engineering

Bring the site to you.

At your fingertips, unlike other inspection processes and technologies, you are provided a 3D infrastructure model, the physical site’s digital twin, that is exceptionally detailed and accurate.

View, asses and measure obstacles, technical infeasibilities, slopes, distances, and elevations.

Downloadable and shareable in a various file formats and units of measurement, these digital assets will save time, effort and money when (re)design or engineering is needed.

LAS file export supports inches, feet, or meters in full
or reduced resolution as preferred.

Convert LAS file to digital elevation maps in minutes.

Curb ramp 3D infrastructure model - Point Cloud

Point Cloud

Acquired at time of inspection.
Downloadable in multiple file types and units of measurement.

Orthophotos are available if needed.

Explore the 3D Infrastructure Model

Please note, this 3D model is a reduced resolution model for display purposes only and depending on your internet connection speed the model may take up to a minute to become interactive.

Mouse wheel to zoom in/out  |  Click and hold to rotate in any direction

Toward curb ramp safety and accessibility

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AdVanced Data Acquisition & Measurement


Reputation and Know How

With 100+ years of experience, leadership, and innovation, Rieker’s Advanced Data Acquisition and Measurement (ADAM) solution combines hardware and specialized software resulting in an innovative world-class solution that captures 3D digital infrastructure models (a digital site twin) and enables highly detailed and accurate measurement and analysis on these models.


ADAM leverages Rieker’s proven inclinometer (H6 Flex Series) technology to automatically determine and set a zero reference plane. The automated reference plane (ARP) equipment includes parts manufactured and calibrated to meet National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certification standards.

Created with Rieker’s expertise in computer vision tools and techniques and integrated with global positioning system (GPS) technology, the result is a location specific, highly detailed, and accurate 3D digital infrastructure model enabling NIST traceable measurement, analysis and reporting.

Effective and Efficient Capability

Using the Model Analysis Tool (software) included with ADAM, measurements made on the model (the 3D digital site twin) are consistent, repeatable, and NIST traceable.  As needed, model views including all measurements can be saved and shared with 3rd party stakeholder and exported in various file formats for use (import) in 3rd party software.

ADAM also includes a Job Management Tool (software) that enables prioritization, scheduling, categorization (grouping), mapping, assignment, and monitoring of job status.

ADAM powers a Total Solution for ADA Curb Ramp Compliance and Transition Plans.