Inclinometer Definition

Inclinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope and inclination of an object with respect to its gravity by creating an artificial horizon. It is also known as a tilt sensor, tilt indicator, slope meter, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge & level meter. An inclinometer is commonly used in different industries like Aviation, civil engineering, Government, Marine, Military, and Transportation for platform leveling, boom angle indication and slope angle measurement. The tilt angle range is the range of desired linear output measured in degrees. Important specifications to consider when searching for tilt sensors and inclinometers are the tilt angle range and number of axes.

This image is of our 2056 Mechanical inclinometers after completion.

mechanical inclinometers

Our mechanical inclinometers feature glass or polycarbonate tube and ball construction, customizable fluids as well as green options, warning color zones, backlights, and more.

This is an image of our MPI unit displayed mounted flat with the vertical magnetic mounting bracket.
The RDR Remote Inclinometer Package is an extension of the RDI Digital Inclinometer series. The package is supplied as a calibrated set featuring an environmentally sealed inclinometer and LCD. This is a semi-custom built-to-order unit.

electronic inclinometers

No moving parts and with reference to gravity, our electronic inclinometers, accelerometers, and tilt switches, provide accurate readings in even the most hazardous locations.


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