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Boom Angle Indicators:  Digital Remote LCD & Mechanical

All cranes, derricks and certain lift equipment require some form of boom angle indication. Boom angle indicators must be visually readable by the operator.


Mechanical Boom Angle Indicator


Rieker 4120 Series of rugged ALL-Weather Mechanical Boom Angle Indicators.

Digital Boom Angle Indicator


Rieker RDSR3-BA-09 Digital LCD Display Remote electronic boom angle indicator is sealed in a rugged case that protects the sensor components from harsh environments.

An inclinometer utilized for boom angle indication typically has a degree range of -10 to +90 degrees to accommodate a variety of boom types. The capacities that are listed on the crane load  charts are also based on and vary with the boom angle of the crane.

For example: On hydraulic cranes, the boom angle is the angle between the bottom of the boom butt and the horizontal while the boom is under load (fig 1, view A). The boom angle on lattice boom cranes is the angle between center line of the boom (from the boom butt pins to the boom tip sheave) and the horizontal while the boom is under load (fig 1, view B)

Figure 1

To check the accuracy of the boom angle indicator, place a 3-foot builders level on the center boom section and raise or lower the boom until the level indicates the boom is level. At this point the boom angle indicator should show the boom is at zero degrees or adjusted to read zero degrees.

Rieker Boom Angle Indicators comply with current OSHA Standard 1926.550

If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact us today with your requirements. One of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.

OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration / U.S. Department of Labor

  • Part Title:  Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

  • Subpart Title: 1926 Subpart N:  Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, and Conveyors

...1926.550(g)(3)(ii):  Instruments and Components

......1926.550(g)(3)(ii)(A):  Cranes and derricks with variable angle booms shall be equipped with a boom angle indicator, readily visible to the operator.

Click the link below to visit the OSHA web site> http://www.osha.gov/OshStd_data/1926_0550.html

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