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Circular Bubble Levels:  Precision "Bulls-Eye"



Also referred to as a “bulls-eye” level, the C000X Series of Circular Bubble Levels provide accurate measurement of level in a rugged machined Aluminum housing (Anodized black). Several sizes available to fit any space requirement.

Manufactured to exacting specifications, the accuracy is guaranteed and maintained through the use of precision ground glass and machined Aluminum. Rigorous testing completed to assure high performance over long-term all weather conditions, including industry standard ASTM Salt Fog survivability.

Each instrument is filled with a special damping fluid that controls the movement of the bubble, for smooth accurate readings. The fluid combined with large, clear markings make it easy to get quick, accurate readings under a wide variety of severe environmental conditions.  

These precision circular vials have three mounting holes for installation convenience and calibration. Since most mounting surfaces may vary, for exact zero calibration the C000X-A models all come with mounting hardware.


Contact us today for a quote. OEM quantity pricing available.

If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact us today with your requirements. One of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.


  • All-Weather Machined Aluminum Housing

  • Salt Fog per ASTM B117

  • Precision Ground Glass

  • Permanent Markings

  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C   (-40° F to +176° F)

  • Circular Bubble Level Spec PDF



  • Quick Accurate Visual Level Reference

  • Leveling, Balancing and Preventing Tip-over

  • Machining or Anywhere Precise Leveling Required

Equipment Types

  • Aerial lift trucks

  • Bucket/utility trucks

  • Cranes

  • Construction Equipment

  • Conveyors & Material Handling

  • Fire Aerial Ladder Rigs

  • Government and Military Vehicles

  • Recreational Vehicles (RV)

  • Trailers

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