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Mechanical Inclinometers: 2100 Series

2145-05 Mechanical Inclinometer


2100 Series Mechanical Inclinometers

Our 2100 series mechanical inclinometers are rugged, military-grade, polycarbonate inclinometers. All models are available with customer specified color warning zones. All our units are filled with special damping fluid that controls the movement of the ball. The fluid combined with large, clear number and degree markings make it easy to get quick, accurate readings under a wide variety of severe environmental conditions. Our 2100 series mechanical inclinometers are fully customizable. If you are an OEM, or have a custom project give us a call. We would love to discuss it with you! Mechanical Inclinometers are instruments for measuring angles of slope and inclination of an object with respect to its gravity by creating an artificial horizon. It is also known as a tilt sensor, tilt indicator, slope meter, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge & level meter. An inclinometer is commonly used in different industries like Aviation, civil engineering, Government, Marine, Military, and Transportation for platform leveling, boom angle indication, and slope angle measurement. The tilt angle range is the range of desired linear output measured in degrees. Important specifications to consider when searching for tilt sensors and inclinometers are the tilt angle range and number of axes.