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Slip Indicators:  Aircraft Turn & Bank


Rieker Inc has been manufacturing slip indicators for the aircraft industry since the early 1920's. One of the most famous installations seen in 1920's, was the use of a pair of Rieker glass tube instruments on the panel of the Ryan NYP "The Spirit of St. Louis".  In 1927 Charles Lindbergh chose the lightweight Rieker P-1057 Degree Inclinometer to give him climb and descent angle information. 

Over the years, Rieker has produced a custom and stock slip indicators used for general aviation, commercial, industrial, and military applications. Today, our slip indicators provide the most reliable and consistent roll in the industry.

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If you have an application that requires custom gradiometer specifications, please contact us today with your requirements.  One of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.

Model 1040 - FAA Certified Slip Indicator

Model 1040

Model 1040 - FAA Certified Slip Indicator

Model S0093 

Definition A "slip" or "skid" or "bank" indicator provides an economic method of determining the lateral differential movement when banking or turning in an aircraft. The bank or slip indicator consists of a curved glass tube filled with a damping liquid in which a small ball rolls.
When the craft is horizontal, the ball is located in the lowest part of the tube; as the craft banks, gravity holds the ball at the lowest point as the tube rotates from side to side. The tube can be calibrated to show the angle of banking.

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