Dear Rieker Customers:

As we continue to respond to the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, Rieker is committed to meeting the demands of our Customers along with the well-being of our employees and our business.

Several of our Customers are asking how the emerging pandemic will affect our business. At this time Rieker is operating on a staggered workforce with longer hours scheduled in accordance with general good practice for the safety of our employees. Due to this we are making some changes to our workflow.Instead of shipping everyday we are moving to a twice a week shipping schedule. Some shipments may arrive outside of the tight windows created by some of our Customers. We will work to make the shipments land on your dock as close to the due date as possible. If you have any concerns or preference as to an earlier or later on dock date please let us know.

Rieker will continue working to support our obligations to our Customers but this situation is dynamic and we will notify you if there are any more changes.

Ned Denigan


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