To our valued customers,

It has been more than two years since COVID has disrupted our lives at home and in the workplace. As a company involved in global supply we continue to adapt to meet our Customer needs and are continuing to monitor COVID and the CDC recommendations.

Supply chain shortages continue to challenge everyone and Rieker is no exception, however due to our team’s early response we continue to meet our customer demands. Cost increases are a reality in every aspect of our lives and Rieker is working hard to find ways to keep our cost down and we promise to limit any increases on our products to the absolute minimum.

We are pleased to report that through vaccinations and efforts by our employees, Rieker has had little to no downtime as a result of COVID in the workplace. Through our diligence in procurement and our attitude toward keeping our employees safe in our workplace we are committed to continue to be a quiet and valuable asset to your supply chain going forward.

As always, if we have any issues, we will let you know at the earliest so that we can work together to find a resolution to keep your products available when you need them. It is our sincerest wish that things return to normal as quickly as possible, in the meantime please know that we are working to help keep your stress to a minimum.


Ned Denigan


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