Rieker RDI Series Digital Inclinometers

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RDI Series Digital Inclinometers

The RDI series digital inclinometers provide single or dual axis inclination sensing in a rugged environmentally protected housing. The inclinometers in the RDI series are made to deliver precise measurements for a range of applications, including monitoring structures, calculating the tilt of machines and equipment, and more. This is a semi-custom unit where all sub-assemblies are stock but specific functions are customized. A modular design allows the customer to select the measurement range, output type, and temperature compensation that best suits the individual application.

Technical Specifications of Our Digital Inclinometer

Input Ranges Of RDI Series Digital Inclinometer

Standard Input Ranges ±10°, ±30°, and ±70° offered for both single and dual-axis models.
Customizable Scaling Ranges can be tailored to specific values (e.g., ±45º) per axis.
Special Single Axis Ranges Up to ±90° available for specific applications.
Non-Symmetrical Options Scalable ranges (-10° to +90°) are offered for unidirectional tilting applications.

Output Configurations Of RDI Series Digital Inclinometer

Flexible Output Configurations
  • Options include Digital LCD Display, Analog Voltage Output, Analog Current Output, Digital Serial RS232 output, Digital RS485 Output, and up to four (4) Open Collector Switch Outputs.
  • Configurations tailored for compatibility with various control systems.
Durable Design for Harsh Environments
  • IP67 rating ensures waterproofness up to one-meter depth and dust-tight protection.
  • Suitable for demanding industrial applications.
Versatile Angle Display
  • LCDs angle in degrees “º”, optional percent grade “%”, or inch per foot rise.
  • Adjustable resolution of 0.1 or 0.01 degrees for precise measurements.
Visual Warning System
  • Standard 3 built-in LEDs (1 green, 1 yellow, and 1 red) for visual warning signals.
  • Field-adjustable trip angle settings for customized alerts.
Power Options
  • Powered by external 8-30VDC non-regulated input supply by default.
  • Optional power sources include a 9V battery, 110VAC, or 240VAC wall or cigarette lighter adaptor.

Benefits of Our High-Accuracy Digital Inclinometer for Enhanced Performance

RDI Series Digital Inclinometers

    • Provides single or dual-axis inclination sensing.
    • Housed in a rugged, environmentally protected casing.

Precision Measurements for Diverse Applications

    • Tailored for monitoring structures, machine tilt calculations, and more.
    • Ensures accuracy in various operational environments.

Semi-Custom Design for Flexibility

    • Utilizes stock sub-assemblies with customizable functions.
    • Modular design enables the selection of measurement range, output type, and temperature compensation.

Visual Alarm System for Enhanced Safety

    • Features green, yellow, and red LEDs as standard.
    • Offers clear visual signals for identifying safe and hazardous conditions.

Advanced Warning for Potential Hazards

    • Enhances driver awareness of rollover scenarios.
    • Minimizes risks of injury and equipment damage through early detection.

Easy To Install

    • The RDI Series Digital Inclinometer is easy to install and requires minimal calibration, reducing the time and effort required for setup.

Suitable For Mobile Applications

    • Our Digital Inclinometer is suitable for mobile applications such as monitoring the angle of inclination of vehicles.

Learn More About RDI Series Digital Inclinometer Specifications

Rieker RDI Series Digital Inclinometer Brochure

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