RDI Series Digital Inclinometers

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RDI Series Digital Inclinometers

The RDI series digital inclinometers provide single or dual axis inclination sensing in a rugged environmentally protected housing. This is a semi-custom unit where all sub-assemblies are stock but specific functions are customized. A modular design allows the customer to select the measurement range, output type, and temperature compensation that best suits the individual application.

Standard input ranges ±10°, ±30° and ±70° are available for both single and dual axis models – these can be scaled to specific ranges (ie: ±45º) per axis. Special single axis ranges up to ±90° are available. Non-symmetrical (or scalable) ranges (ie: -10° to +90°) are available for applications that only tilt in one direction.

The RDI series digital inclinometers can be supplied with multiple output configurations: Digital LCD Display, Analog Voltage output, Digital Serial RS232 output, and up to four (4) Open Collector Switch Outputs providing maximum functionality.

The LCD displays angle in degrees “º”, or optional percent grade “%”, or inch per foot rise with either 0.1 or 0.01 degree resolution. The display models come standard with 3 built in LED’s (1 green, 1 yellow, and 1 red). These can be activated to trip at predefined angles within the specified measurement range – providing the operator a bright visual warning signal – field adjustable trip angle settings optional. Most all RDI packages are powered by external 8-30VDC non-regulated input supply (default), with optional 9V battery, 110VAC or 240VAC wall or cigarette lighter adaptor. Interface cables available for remote packages, special connectors available based on request.

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