2100 Customized Mechanical Inclinometer

Our 2100 series mechanical inclinometers are highly customizable instruments. Custom scaling, measuring increments, and color warning zones make these inclinometers the most versatile instruments in the industry.

These are examples of our most popular custom inclinometers. You may purchase our standard black or white units online.

The housing is made of rugged ballistic plastic, making these clinometers extremely tough for all types of environments and weather conditions. With operating temperature ranging from -45°C to 82°C the 2100 series inclinometers are the perfect all-season instruments. The large, clear number and degree markings make it easy to get quick, accurate readings.These units come in both black and white background with custom specified color zones.

If you would like custom color zones or you do not see the color zones you need, contact us via email or phone to place your order.

Please consult the manufacturer of your equipment for the correct safety color zones.

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