We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! On behalf of all of us at Rieker Inc. welcome! Our old website has served us well throughout the years, but technology continues to advance and develop and so do we. With this redesign, we are able to leverage new tools and processes to improve our customer’s experience on our website. In this welcome post, we would like to give a tour of all the new tools available at your disposal on our website.

With the digital age of companies like Amazon, online shopping has become a staple of our society. At Rieker, we wanted to offer the convenience, speed, and reliability of online shopping to our customers. All of the parts for sale on the website are ready to ship within 24 business hours of an order being placed.

For a customer that knows exactly what they need that is a great service! That said, we know that sometimes we are not exactly sure what part number, model, or variation of a product we need. No need to worry – one of the main focuses of the new redesign is to help guide customers to the right parts! We have spent many months designing and creating several different tools that our customers can use to find what parts they need.




Below is an example of our “Filter by Specification” functionality. Customers can pick and chose the specifications which match their application the best. After filling out the specifications, simply press “Find” on the bottom and we will display any products that match those specifications. You can pick just one, or select an option from all of them! Remember, if you cannot find it on the website, give us a call!

Contact us

With our website redesign, we not only focused on providing customers with quick and convenient ways of finding parts; we also implemented numerous ways for you, our customers, to contact us.

Our main “Contact Us” forms are presented on our Home Page and our Contact Us Page.

These forms are modular, allowing the person filling it out to select the reason for contacting us, as well as fill our all information relevant to that reason. This allows us to process and answer inquiries more precisely and with greater speed.

Our usual phone number and email contacts are also present throughout the entire website if you wish to contact us that way.

Company Pages

Below you can find some of our redesigned company pages. From our history, certifications, and quality assurance pages, to our frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and customer satisfaction survey, we are proud to present this new website and hope you find the experience enjoyable and most importantly – easy!

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