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Tilt Switches

Rieker tilt switches are utilized to provide a visual or audible alert to warn operators of steep slopes and can be configured to disable (or shut-off) equipment in the event of rollover – especially useful for off-road construction equipment. These can be used in any industry where a tilt warning is needed or required to provide a safer condition.

These sensors vary from an economical approach if you are only looking for a simple tip-over warning (or “on/off” switch) as with the SlopeAlert, to a constant feedback / visual readout of slope angle with the versatile, semi-custom RDI Series of Digital Inclinometers. Manufactured tough for off-road abuse and extreme weather, all models offer easy to identify alert characteristics.

A tilt switch (also known as a slope indicator or inclinometer) generate an artificial horizon and measure angular tilt (or slope) with respect to this horizon. The tilt angle range is the range of desired linear output measured in degrees. Common electrical outputs for inclinometers and tilt sensors include, analog frequency or pulse width modulated, analog voltage, digital (RS232) serial, and switched or alarm. Other parameters to consider include operating temperature, environment, shock, and vibration.

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