MPI: Multi-Output Precision Touch Screen Inclinometer


Our MPI unit is a touch screen inclinometer offering a multi-output precision sensing solution. The MPI offers multiple configurable outputs: Graphic Touch-Screen Sunlight-readable Display, Digital RS232 & RS485, Analog Voltage, and four (4) Relay Switches providing maximum functionality.

The display shows angle in degrees (º), percent grade (%), or inch per foot rise (“) with either 1, 0.1 or 0.01 degree resolution. The display provides graphical axis level indicators in green, yellow, and red, which can be activated to trip at predefined angles within the specified measuring range – providing the operator a bright visual alert of changed condition. These can be coordinated with the built in Relay outputs – each with field adjustable trip angle settings.

The MPI also has a Bulls-Eye Bubble Level mode for precise leveling applications.Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery or external 8..30VDC non-regulated input supply the MPI is made for mobile hand-held use, temporary magnetic placement (mounting plates included) or permanent installation.

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